Pastured Bacon Thick Cut Averages 1 lb/pkg.

Our Pastured Thick Cut Smoked and Cured Black Pepper Bacon is a number one seller. With the love we give to our animals, the humane treatment, stress free life styles they live, "No Fertilizers or Chemicals" of any kind to change the taste of the pastured meat all shows up in the flavorful Tamworth Pastured Pork from SP Ranches. SP Ranches has a bountiful supply of pecans, acorns, grass and other favorite foods the pigs forage while out on pasture at SP Ranches. Tamworth Valley is a great way of life at SP Ranches for our Heritage Pastured Meat.

- Pasture Raised Heritage Tamworth Pig - Diet supplemented with GMO Free Feed - No Hormones or Steroids - Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics - Animals receive a Lot of love and a Happy Stress Free life style

Good to use with the Keto Diet


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Black Pepper Bacon Smoked and Cured Thick Cut

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